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Project results short video series: Endoscopic OCT system


The endoscopic optical coherence tomography system provides live OCT images from the end of a 2-metre endoscopic probe that can fit down the working channel of a colonic endoscope. Depth resolution of the image is 10 microns, and scan rate is on the order of 1 millisecond, providing blur-free images independent of the movement of the probe or the tissue being analysed. The probe takes images in the forward-facing direction, so simply needs to be pointed at an area of interest to start collecting data. The system also contains optical wavelength separation and combining components, potentially allowing other imaging systems, such as multi-photon tomography, to use the same probe.

The details of this output are openly accessible through publications in scientific journals at the scientific community´s disposal.



Brendan Roycroft

TYNDALL National Institute

Project results short video series: Endoscopic OCT system
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