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Project results short video series: MPT / OCT Endoscopic Probe


A very small probe (external diameter 3.5 mm) has been designed to fit the working channel of a commercial colonoscope. It integrates a piezo scanner that moves a double clad optical fibre along a Lissajous path. To perform Optical Coherence Tomography or Two-Photon Fluorescence imaging   dedicated a GRIN lens is placed in front of the distal fibre tip to focus the laser light inside the sample and to collect respectively the reflected light for OCT or the generated two-photon fluorescence,  coupling it back in the fibre towards the detection system.

The system, composed of piezo scanner, double clad fibre and GRIN lens, is embedded in a mechanical housing that covers the electrical contact of the piezo, prevents the fibre from hitting something and keeps the GRIN lens at the right distance from the distal fibre tip.

The details of this output will be openly accessible through publications in scientific journals at the scientific community´s disposal.



Domenico Alfieri


Project results short video series: MPT / OCT Endoscopic Probe
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